In my teens, I wanted so badly to look older.  So many of my high school counterparts were these beautiful adult like young women, and I wanted to look the part too.  But like everyone says, enjoy it while you can.  I even had a friend tell me that one day you just wake up and "Bam!".  Wrinkles.  She was right.  Blah.

Now that I am in a I-will-not-reveal-my-age stage of life, I've learned to start taking better care of my skin.  The poor HUBS has seen me basically ignore him to read up on the medical research backing all these cosmetic claims for preventative and anti-aging skincare.  There are so many terms that sound scientific, but how and where to even start.  Here is what I have learned so far.

CERAMIDES:  fatty acids that make up the outer most layer of skin.  when they get depleted --> wrinkles start to form (more info here, here, here, here, and here).

COLLAGEN:  oral intake of collagen can increase skin moisture which in turn diminishes signs of aging including dryness.  See here!

GLYCOLIC ACID:  topical use of glycolic acid can increase Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen gene expression.  Check out this article for more info!

HYALURONIC ACID:  when topically applied or oral ingested, hyaluronic acid can help skin absorb water/moisture significantly better which in turn promotes collagen production.

VITAMIN A:  in the form of retinoids and beta carotene can make your skin brighter but also diminish hyper pigmentation (which is more common in darker skin tones) and diminish fine wrinkles.  caution though it can be drying!  Check out this great article about VitA! And this one!

VITAMIN C:  Big freaking deal.  Helps promote collage production which in turn helps fill wrinkles.  It can also make your skin look brighter (here).

VITAMIN E:  comes in lots of different forms both natural (α-Tocopherol) and synthetic (dl-tocopherol).  it provides photoprotection and reacts with free radicals to protect the skin.  it also is anti-inflammatory.  Check out this article for more information!

There are countless skincare products that claim to prevent aging and improve skin quality.  I don't really believe that you can reverse the aging process but I do think you can slow it down using some of the buzzwords above.  Next week I will post which products have made it into my medicine cabinet that I love!