I recently compiled a list of my favorite-swear-by-seriously-cant-live-without drugstore beauty saviors. Yes you read that right, SAVIORS not savers. These are the products I rely on a daily basis and travel with me constantly. I keep these stocked in my parent's & in-laws homes so that I always have them around. Like I said: can't live without these. Click here to read all the products that top the list.


The HUBS and I eat pretty healthy on most days, at least thats what we thought. Turns out we are eating all the right grains, but in excess. So we revamped our meals, coordinated them with our workouts, and more than anything upped our fiber intake (naturally). We modified some of our favorites like Spicy Spaghetti (left) to have more veggies (2 cups/serving), more protein (25g) and less carbs (net 28). Click here to try this recipe!



About a year ago, I came across a picture of what I assumed was of some exotic lake in Switzerland. Turns out it was Lake Louise in Banff National Park just outside of Calgary, Canada. The HUBS and I just had to visit. See all of our recommendations from our trip. You just might find a 4K drone video!