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In 2014, I was working by day as a neuroscience researcher and moonlighting at night as a fashion design student at Savannah College of Art & Design.  I started this website as a portfolio of my designs but soon found the more invested I became, the more my creativity metastasized - taking over other aspects of my life.  

In retrospect, I feel sorry for my former roommates during my "creative retreats".  Our apartments suddenly became a palette of colors, crafts, and textiles strewn about mixing and mingling before culminating into creation.  

Suddenly, I was designing everything from clothing to consoles.  I had friends asking how I created that watercolor accent wall or recycled my mom's old sari to make a cocktail dress, so I decide to map my creative excursions here.  

What was once a portfolio has matured into a cache of my travels.  Its a journey, a navigation through vegetarianism, a vignette of wanderlust mood boards and design diaries, and a new voyage through wonderful married life & building a home.  

Thank you so much for joining me, but more importantly, thank you for letting me join your travels.  I hope you find this journal informative and inspirational as you yourself wander through life.