This past weekend the HUBS and I were determined to get things done around the house.  One continuously pending project seemed so trivial but had managed to slip by me several times.  It was our fridge magnets.  Ugh.  There is nothing worse than those hideous magnets you collect from vendors over time that look like forgotten business cards from the 90's.  So I decided to make magnets from some of my favorite Insta moments this past year.  Now, there are several sites that will create these for you for a pretty penny.  But why spend $$ when you can spend $??    To give you an idea this project cost less than $7!

SUPPLIES NEEDED (48 magnets)

  1. create a pdf of your favorite 48 pictures via PPT or Photoshop.
  2. make sure that each pic is the same size.  I chose 2x2" square photographs.  Anything smaller would have been too small.
  3. print these out on photo paper (I used the local Office Max).
  4. Laminate the pics for protection (again, Office Max).
  5. Cut out each individual pic and place a strip of magnetic tape behind.