I love DIY's (just stalk me on Insta and you'll know I'm all about them!).  But since we've been married, there's less of a need for DIY because the HUBS had almost everything I needed.  He did however leave his mail/coupons strewn about on our bartop counter, so I started brainstorming.  Out came this little charmer.  We all know I'm obsessed with pallets (and palettes!), so it was only fitting for this to happen.


  1. craft pallet
  2. mason jars
  3. hose repair clamps
  4. mail holder
  5. bamboo drawer organizers
  6. flowers/accessories to beautify
  7. hooks for the keys
  8. screws & drill (can use a screw driver also)


  1. arrange the pallet the way you like by placing the mason jars and mail holder in different spots.  once you find a position you like, mark the pieces spots on the pallet with a pencil.
  2. drill in the mail holder
  3. if you decide to use mason jars:
    1. undo the clamps
    2. drill a hole through the clamp using a drill bit according to the size of your screws
    3. now attach the clamp to the allocated spot for the mason jar by drilling using a screw into you newly formed hole in your clamp
    4. place the mason jar in the clamp and close the clamp tight until it holds the mason jar on its own.  
  4. accessorize according to your style.  I wanted to use flowers & succulents to add some softness to this otherwise pretty industrial looking organizer.
  5. drill in your hooks for your keys to hang on.
  6. the bamboo organizers are also tricky.  place them in the spot you note earlier.  if you are using a drill you might have a hard time going straight so I drilled at an angle.  also these organizers are delicate, so don't drill to close to an edge otherwise they may chip.