I love watercolor.  Especially in organic forms, so when I found some ceramic paints at the local craft store, I figured I'd redesign our salad plates.  When the HUBS and I got married we got some beautiful organic shaped dinnerware from West Elm.  Although he was not convinced we needed to replace his old dowdy plates, he has since become the biggest fan.  That is until I painted them lol.  Now he's unsure again.  But I think they look beautiful!  I especially love how they add some color to the setting.  And we all know how much I love blue + white.  Eventually he'll come around too.

my first layer!

my first layer!


  1. ceramic paint (like this or this)
  2. oven
  3. water


  1. make sure your ceramic plates are clean & dry
  2. if you want multiple layers like mine
    1. water down your paint until desired color is reached
    2. pour this onto one side of the plate and slowly move the plate around to create organic shapes & drips
    3. let this dry (will take a couple hours)
  3. once the first layer has dried, add another layer of paint (with less water) and swirl around.  
  4. let this dry completely for four days.
  5. follow the instructions of your individual paint, but most likely you will need to bake the plates at 350F for 30 minutes.  Let them cool.  Your paint is now set and your plates are ready to use.  After you bake them, the plates are dishwasher and microwave safe.    
finished product after baking!

finished product after baking!