I really enjoyed this DIY because its SO easy.  And the result is an organic, watercolor effect and we all know I LOVE WATERCOLOR.  I mean look how gorgeous!!


  1. small ceramic bowls (mine can be found here)
  2. rubbing alcohol
  3. water
  4. plastic tupperware container (that can be discarded)
  5. non gel nail polish colors of choice
  6. toothpick or skewer
  7. paper towel


  1. fill the tupperware container with water and set aside
  2. clean your bowls with the alcohol.  let dry completely
  3. have a napkin/paper towel ready:  pour a couple drops of nail polish into the water. swirl with the skewer (set skewer on napkin). immediately dip the surface of the bowl into the water and pull out.  set upside down to let dry.
  4. pick up any remaining polish in the water using the skewer.  repeat entire process for additional bowls.