A few weeks ago I was pinteresting and looking for some cute kitchen signage/phrasing for an idea I had.  The basic idea was to create some hand-lettered inspired placemats that had cute foodie phrases on them that I could use while hosting formal dinners.  One night, during LOTS of pinterest and google searches for famous food quotes, I was watching my favorite show - FRIENDS.  It was the JOEY DOESNT SHARE FOOD episode.  Suddenly, I had an epiphany - FRIENDS food quotes!!!  My brain was flooding with my favorite food moments from the show, so I picked my 12 favorite and set off to make some placemats!

FYI, I've been dying to share this DIY. 

Incase you can't make these, I am selling a set of 4 of these reversible placemats here!

keep your mitts off my grub! 

keep your mitts off my grub! 



  1. fabric (2 different types)
  2. sewing machine
  3. thread
  4. heavy interfacing
  5. ruler
  6. photoshop/illustrator
  7. waterproofing fabric spray



  1. the first thing you need to do is determine the desired size of your placemats.  Mine are 12.5" x 16" as a finished product.  
    1. once you pick your size, add half an inch to each side for seam allowance.
    2. EXAMPLE:  for 12.5" x 16" mats my raw fabric pieces needed to be 13" x 16.5"
  2. design your fabric for spoonflower
    1. pick your desired fabric for the mats - I chose "eco canvas"
    2. figure out how many mats can fit in one yard of fabric (I could fit 6 mats/yard based on my desired mat measurements and the fabric size)
    3. using photoshop/illustrator:
      1. mark your placemat template first.  using the margins, measure your scissor/cut line for your mats (this should be the seam allowance measurement).
      2. pick a hand lettered/script font of your choice and type in your quotes.  adjust your font size to fit your mat template.  
      3. see/refer to the screen shot of my photoshop file below for extra guidance!
      4. Upload and order your fabric.  
      5. NOTE:  you can eliminate this step by using the same fabric I designed HERE and HERE.
  3. Choose a coordinating fabric for the other side of the mat and heavy fusible interfacing to help give the mat structure.  Be sure to get enough for the number of mats you plan on making.  I had to buy 2 yards of this second fabric and 4 1/2 yards of interfacing to make these mats.
  4. Cut both fabrics and interfacing according to you seam allowance measurement.
  5. Fusing the interfacing to the lettered fabric using an iron.  Repeat this step for each mat.
  6. To sew these mats:
    1. take the interfacing-fused fabric and the complementary fabric and place them together so that the wrong side of each fabric is inward or touching the wrong side of the other fabric.
    2. fold the outer 1/2 of each fabric inward and pin along the edges.
    3. sew each edge at 1/4".
  7. Once the mats have all been sewn, spray with the fabric protector as per instructions on the can.  This should help prevent stains!
no matter what happens, we still get cake right??  

no matter what happens, we still get cake right??