Transitional Maxi Dresses for Fall

As the months get cooler but before it starts becoming full on fur-insulated boots & arctic jackets weather 😫 (can you tell I'm not a fan of winter?) transitional pieces take over my wardrobe.  My absolute favorite time of year is Spring, but the Diwali - Holiday season are a very close second.  That being said, I love dresses too much to stop wearing them, SO I just start transitioning to earthy tones with berry accents.  Its just so comfortable and easy to gravitate to these colors during the fall season.  

case & point - olive + berry

case & point - olive + berry

When I saw this dress, I absolutely fell in love.  I usually do not gravitate to smaller prints, but the colors, embroidery and silhouette just make this maxi SO easy to wear.  As many of you know, I am not for the trendy but rather classy staples.  This is definitely a staple.  

The way I see it, invest in classic pieces that can remain in your closet for many years to come, like this one (bonus perk: since this piece is Indian inspired, I can definitely wear it for Indo-Western events too!  yay!).








Its been quite some time since I have posted about fashion, but with every spring I feel more inspired by the warm rays, summer rains, and simple breezes.  I LOVE SPRING.  Its my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love the cherry blossoms that line wilson park, I love the "snow" from the bradford pears that fall so gently, and I love warm sunshine.  I also hate winter clothes.  Too much stuff, too much constriction and too suffocating.  Just thinking of turtlenecks makes me itch.  Blah.  

Like I said, I am just happy that the days are warmer and longer.  AND I can resume wearing dresses.  Like this flirty frock.  

spring favorites yumi kim cult gaia kate spade ann taylor charisma shah


I just love this outfit for date night, or Easter brunch or even luncheons with mom.  Its also totally perfect for that much needed vacation we all have been postponing.


This past weekend the HUBS and I went to visit our family in Washington and thanks to his younger brother got to tag along on a wonderful wine trip to Walla Walla.  We had so much fun exploring (and tasting!) at the wineries.  And in true form, I got lost in the beauty of the area.  

the hills are alive // the hills have eyes

the hills are alive // the hills have eyes

the HUBS & his BESTIE checking out the grapes at Spring Valley Vineyard.

the HUBS & his BESTIE checking out the grapes at Spring Valley Vineyard.

When I spotted this dress a couple months ago I didn't realize how much of a staple it would become in my closet.  I love the beautiful spring colors and of course the floral print.  I can't stop wearing it!  Incidentally this dress is on super sale right now.  

You can find it here:  floral maxi dress.

a big thanks to Zack for taking these pictures for me!


With summer right around the corner, I have been trying to invest in some style pieces that are great transitions, but also always classics.  Somehow raffia/basket bags seem to keep popping into mind.  And to be honest woven bags have been a MAJOR mainstay since the days of the SAK crossbody bags (remember??).  Those however were not nearly as clutch as these :)

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I have always been really partial to blue & white.  there's something so satisfying about that color combination.  When I came across these fabrics, I knew I wanted to design something different from my usual femme classic styles.  I wanted this design to really represent the culture of the textiles.  Eastern cultures like Morocco or even India rely heavily on lots of color and lots of pattern.  This beautiful weave of pattern and color creates vibrancy and fluidity.  While researching for this design, I immediately knew that this little sketch would start somewhere in Morocco.  So I started aimlessly wandering Morocco...

my travels inspired this