Its been quite some time since I have posted about fashion, but with every spring I feel more inspired by the warm rays, summer rains, and simple breezes.  I LOVE SPRING.  Its my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love the cherry blossoms that line wilson park, I love the "snow" from the bradford pears that fall so gently, and I love warm sunshine.  I also hate winter clothes.  Too much stuff, too much constriction and too suffocating.  Just thinking of turtlenecks makes me itch.  Blah.  

Like I said, I am just happy that the days are warmer and longer.  AND I can resume wearing dresses.  Like this flirty frock.  

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I just love this outfit for date night, or Easter brunch or even luncheons with mom.  Its also totally perfect for that much needed vacation we all have been postponing.