This past January, I had the amazing opportunity of working for the Lela Rose design team. Intimidated, overwhelmed and just plain scared, I hopped a flight to NYC.  Amidst preparing for NYFW & Bridal Week, I decided to wandered the city - maybe then it wouldn't seem so large.  Four months later, NYC felt familiar and comfortable.  In a city of amazing sights, here are some wonderful wallflowers.  


Whole Green: 35 7th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10011

NOTES: breakfast nook, fresh ingredients, protein powder, vitamins, west village

NOTABLES: blueberry pineapple ginseng protein smoothie

ABC Kitchen:  35 E 18th St, New YorkNY 10003

NOTES:  farm to kitchen restaurant, needs reservations, cancellation fee

NOTABLES:  kabucha squash toast, kale salad, salted caramel ice cream sundae (comes with caramel corn on top!!)

TAIM:  222 Waverly Pl, New YorkNY 10014

NOTES: mediterranean food, falafels, salads, fast, delivery, saucy

NOTABLES:  really enjoyed the harissa falafel, incredibly saucy (not dry!) and taboleh is fresh & zesty

MURRAY'S BAGELS:  500 Ave of the Americas, New YorkNY 10011

NOTES:  bagels & sandwiches, busy, no bagel toasting, coffee

NOTABLES:  sundried tomato cream cheese

GREY DOG:  242 W 16th St, New YorkNY 10011

NOTES:  coffeeshop/restaurant, quaint, super nice staff, delivery

NOTABLES:  the herb goat cheese & avocado sandwich (soooooo good)

DOMINIC ANSEL'S BAKERY:  189 Spring St, New YorkNY 10012

OTES:  inventor of the cronut, long lines, cute back patio

NOTABLES: move over cronut, hello frozen smore


DEATH & CO433 E 6th St, New YorkNY 10009

NOTES:  cocktail bar, alphabet city

NOTABLES:  for sweeter cocktails try the Trampoline, the truffled mac & cheese is also delish

FLATIRON ROOM:  37 W 26th St, New YorkNY 10010

NOTES:  speakeasy, cocktails, live jazz TH-SUN, reservations recommended, happy hour M-F 5-7PM, 1000+ dif whiskeys

NOTABLES:  Oaxaca Express or Forever Young for cocktails, margherita flatbread or mac & cheese is amazing (like I would move to NY for this again amazing) 


BROOKLYN BRIDGE:  Don't just walk there, run there.  Literally.  It is so exhilarating to run through the city, see the cultures of each neighborhood. when you finally get to the Brooklyn Bridge just take a moment to let it all in.  I definitely recommend going as early as possible.  you'll see a completely different side of the city: quiet and composed.  

INTERSECTION OF GROVE & BEDFORD:  if you are a big fan of FRIENDS then take a walk through west village and stumble upon the exterior of the apartment building used in the show.  there's also a cute little restaurant at the bottom called the little owl.  

EMPIRE STATE BUILDING OBSERVATORY DECK:  this is a pretty touristy spot, but it really does offer a spectacular view of the city.  The lines move quicker than expected and personally I think its worth the wait for the views.  

TIMES SQUARE:  if you have to go I recommend going at 2AM-ish.  It really clears out and then its just you and the bright lights.  I took the HUBS there around that time and he didn't even realize he was in TS because it was so empty.  

BROADWAY:  go see the lion king on broadway.   worth every penny.  all the music and costumes.  that one mufasa scene - unreal.  

CENTRAL PARK:  duh. its just so beautiful.  there are no words.  but after seeing central park in the summer and the winter, I have to say it is so unbelievably MORE magical when its dewy and snowy.  granted before this trip, I'd never voluntarily visit NYC in the middle of February, but you just have to.  I mean just look: