The Coveteur's Collection: COATS


  1. FIT:  the most universally flattering peacoat length: mid-thigh - this elongates your legs and works best with different types of outfits (there is nothing worse than having your cardi hanging out the back)
  2. STYLE: 
    1. double breasted:  personally would not recommend this style at this coat length - it has the same effect as horizontal stripes aka widening instead of lengthening, but if you do want this style go for buttons that start higher (see below example).
    2. toggles:  I am all for toggle coats, however it will make the jacket appear more casual meaning it won't be as versatile for formal attire.  Same goes for zipper closures.
  3. COLOR:  NOT EVERYONE LOOKS GOOD IN BLACK.  Yes black can make you look slimmer, BUT it can also make you look tired.  In most cases, it is wayyyy too harsh for fairer skin tones.  Instead opt for warmer dark colors like navy, charcoal or even deep teal.  These colors are just as versatile but won't wash you out.


  1. FIT:  this coat should ideally be tea length (if you are taller than definitely try on longer knee or even past the knee styles!).  Unfortunately for us petite folk, knee or even past knee options make us look shorter and stumpy.
  2. STYLE: have fun with this coat, especially if you already have the basic black/charcoal/navy peacoat
    1. Flare: this can be a super fun feminine detail that works great with full skirts or dresses (think Mad Men).  
    2. Double breasted here looks amazing and super polished.  Because of the length of this coat, the double breasted buttons elongate your body.
    3. Oversized/Cocoon fit: just make sure that its not too oversize.  At this length an oversized coat can look even more exaggerated, but when it fits right it can be super chic and even make your legs seem leaner!
    4. Large lapels: sometimes this feature can exaggerate broad shoulders but it can also look really progressive.  
  3. COLOR:  get whatever neutral you don't have in your peacoat.  I especially love charcoal and heathered gray in this style.  And when does a winter white long coat not look elegant and so beautiful??

THE NUDES:  this particular style looks most elegant when longer (mid-thigh to knee length) and can be super effortless & fluid when there is less structure.  If you are looking for a coat in this style, pick the shade of nude that is most flattering on your skin tone.  Camel/Caramel's look great on darker skin tones.  Blush looks beautiful on lighter skin tones.  Winter white is universally flattering.   

CONTRAST COAT:  like the nudes, I think everyone should own one coat that is curious wether that be cheery or moody/dark.  These are some that I'm really enjoying this season.

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