The best part about jewelry: that pair of earrings you wore in 7th grade still fits unlike those awesome bell bottoms you used to wear.  And like other women, I have acquired an absurd amount of jewelry over the years.  Every girl gravitates to a different type of jewelry, for me its earrings.  I LOVE EARRINGS, almost as much as I love shoes.  Almost.  And like others, I have gone through about 10 different storage solutions for my earrings including the clear acrylic boxes, wine crates and velvet lined jewelry boxes.  So this time I decided to switch things up.  I found these wooden crates at my local Joann.  They were on clearance, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  Plus I love the closet as a room feel.  I feel like I'm in a cute boutique!  

NOTE:  this method works best for earrings that have hooks not backs.  I hung the earrings that have backs at the top because I can push in the backs from the top of the wood box.