After moving across the country to live with my husband (eep! did I just say that OUT LOUD.  WEIRD), I became aware of what people mean when they say Men are from Mars.  For real though.  They are.  Case & Point:  the HUBS was storing his tool box in the drawer next to the stove - because that makes perfect sense.  Needless to say, I needed to reorganize & unclutter EVERYTHING.  But first - SPICES.   

Our home has six kitchen cabinets, one of which the HUBS had previously allocated for his spices, which were stored in open baggies or mislabeled containers strewn about.  When you opened the cabinet, your nose was immediately attacked by India.   I couldn't even, so I scoured the internet for spice organization. Everything was either too expensive, or nonfunctional for brown folk.  I wanted a solution for the some 40+ spices I used on the reg that was both cost effective and efficient that required the least amount of space.

I finally committed to the magnetic spice containers.  We decided to keep ours tucked away on the inside of a cabinet door.  This makes the spices more accessible, neater and makes more space on the shelves for other goodies (aka massive protein powder containers).  We've been operating with this system for about two months and I can safely say this works for American born Indians who've got more spices than their moms which means it should work for YOU.  


Here's what you will need for this storage solution:

-Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Rack (with Magnetic Board) (cheapest option I found and that has sprinkle/pour notches on the side)

-Avery 22825 Round Labels 

-Packing tape

-White Paint Pen

INSTRUCTIONS:  Transfer your spices into your brand new containers and order them in a way that makes sense to you (ours are alphabetized).  Use the paint pen to write you spice labels and adhere them to the containers.  Hang up the magnetic boards that came with the spice containers on your cabinet (we used packing tape!).  Put your spices up on the board and voila!