I have been so inspired by the Eugenia Kim beach hats.  Their cute and kitschy.  But I can't afford the price tag!  $400+ for a straw hat??  Um no.  Plus I couldn't find one that says #nofilter -my favorite travel hashtag.  So I created my own using some crafty DIY.  Look how cute!!  


Here's how you can do the same.


  1. wide brim straw hat of choice (I bought mine on Amazon)
  2. yarn (Joann/Michaels)
  3. satin pins
  4. thread (same color as yarn or invisible) & needle


  1. Choose a phrase or hashtag that you would like to put on your hat and decide on the placement (i.e. where to start and how big).
  2. Push the yarn through a hole near the brim of the hat at the left most position (aka where you want your phrase to start).  Be sure to push the yarn from the top of the hat to the underside and tie a knot (on the underside) of the hat.  This will keep the yarn in place.  
  3. Place the yarn into the first few letters of your phrase and pin them in place.  
  4. Tie a large knot in your thread so that it won't go through the weave of the hat.  
  5. Starting near the yarn knot you made earlier, secure the yarn by sewing the lettering in place using the thread.  Start with your thread on the underside of the hat at the lowest point of the letter.  Go through to the weave to the other side of the hat keeping close to the yarn.  Cross the yarn to the other side at an angle (still on the top of the hat) before going to the underside of the hat.  
  6. Continue this process until you are done with your phrase.  
  7. HINTS:  the shorter the phrase the better!