My mom used to always host the annual Diwali party at our house when I was younger.  To prep for this party, we would put christmas lights up (outside & inside) the house & every internal wall was decorated with beautiful mirrored wooden peacocks & paisleys my masi (aunt) made and sent from Bombay.  It was my favorite time of year.  The best part was that we were celebrating the holidays from october until New Years.  It was like everything had been touched with magical fairy dust - serious warm & fuzzies going on just thinking about it.  

Right before the HUBS and I got engaged, I had just moved back home for a little bit before working at Lela's.  Conincindentally, both my brothers were home so mom wanted to celebrate Diwali with a full house.  We decorated the house with the usual, but I wanted to add some special pomp to the festivities by creating a large foyer floral pom arrangement.  It was so well received that we left it up until the HUBS and I got married almost a year later!

To recreate a display like this you will need:

  1. 40-50 floral poms (bought or made)
  2. fishing line

I bought some of my poms, but I quickly learned it that it wasn't saving me time or money.  It was much cheaper to buy tissue and make them yourself.  To do this, check out this video tutorial.  

I would definitely recommend coming up with a color palette for a display this large.  I chose festive bright colors for Diwali in shades of red.  I played around with the arrangement for a while by placing the poms on the floor and moving them around.  Once I found an arrangement I liked, I slowly started hanging the poms using the fishing line, while my mom stood on the lower level and guided me to make sure everything aligned.  This project was definitely the most bang for your buck.  I think the entire thing cost less than $30?  And just look how pretty!

a big thanks to  BLACK & HUE PHOTOGRAPHY  for this pic!!

a big thanks to BLACK & HUE PHOTOGRAPHY for this pic!!