I love decorating just about anything, but I'm a manhattan with a twist sort of gal - and by that I mean my style in general tends to be classic with an unexpected element.  This evening the HUBS and I are hosting some of our friends for what I like to call my "Gingham & Gourds" Party aka Friendsgiving.  Since its a bit more formal of an event, I wanted to spruce up the table and make it our centerpiece for the evening without spending too much.  So I went to the grocery store and hoarded ALL the mini gourds I could find (aren't they so cute?!), made some gingham napkins, and created a mini faux flower table runner. 


  1. NEED:  floral wire, flowers/faux flowers, greenery
  2. INSTRUCTIONS:  create a base by arranging your greenery the way you like.  wrap the stems of the greenery with the floral wire to secure in several spots (you should be able to pick it up without everything falling apart).  add your flowers by doing the same thing.  finally, fluff/tuck/pull on the arrangement to make it look fuller.


  1. NEED:  two yards of gingham fabric
  2. INSTRUCTIONS:  cut your fabric into 8 square pieces (~15 sq. in), serge the edges, fold the edges over twice and hem.


  1. NEED:  one piece of background paper, one piece of contrast paper for the letters, glue, scissors/xacto knife
  2. INSTRUCTIONS:  the easiest way to recreate this would be to type your names, adjust the font size and then print them using the mirror image feature on your printer on the BACK side of the paper and then cut them out.  My printer was out of commission, so I hand lettered these backwards and then cut them out.  Space the letters on you name cards and glue!