For this photoshoot I really wanted to focus on dewy glowing skin and natural nude lips to compliment the lush greenery.  Before I even begin with makeup I always always ALWAYS put on hyaluronic acid and moisturizer.  If you are starting a preventative skin care regimen be sure to include HA!  

SIDE NOTE:  I have tried three different types of hyaluronic serums over the past five years and this one is not only the most concentrated OTC HA (75%) but it also has improved my skin the most.  If you don't know about HA you can read up on the literature HERE, HERE, and HERE.  
SECOND SIDE NOTE:  I highly recommend this moisturizer (especially for indian/darker skin tones) because it blends without leaving behind that white residue that can leave us looking ashy/ghostly.  Plus it comes with perks like:  SPF 45, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.  Winning.

After applying my HA and moisturizer and allowing for each to completely absorb, I mixed equal parts primer + foundation.  Currently I am really loving this primer because it noticeably increases glow & dewiness.  I am between shades so I blended these two foundations (here in "suntan" + here in "No. 4") to get that perfect match and applied with my beauty blender sponge.  I concealed my undereyes with this concealer in "ginger".

For my eyes & brows, I lined with this liquid eyeliner, and used multiple layers of mascara first with this one and then with this one.  I filled in my brows with the one and only dip brow pomade in "chocolate".  

To set my foundation, I used this bronzer and this blush on the apples of my cheeks.  Instead of traditional highlighter, I have been using the "nude" shade of this eyeshadow palette to accentuate the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones, immediately under my brows and the center of my eyelids.  

Lastly, lips!  So I tried something random and new that actually worked really well.  I used a white eyeliner pencil (here) on just the crown of my upper lip and the middle of my lower lip to make them appear fuller right before applying this nude lip stick.  I really like the effect and would definitely recommend trying this trick out!