Dad's are so unbelievably special.  They are so quietly selfless.  They don't need thank you's and recognition, while as kids we want recognition for every chore we do lol.  And even when they upset you, they still manage to be right about 99.9% of the time.  Like that time my dad made me start saving for retirement when I was 15.  I was sooooo mad.  I wanted to spend my money on movie tickets and clothes lol, but now I'm super happy he made me save!  But more than the exhausting list of grievances we all have with our parents, they still love & nurture us  and lets be honest, their list of grievances is probably 100x longer.  Like that time I tried expressive splatter painting, only to (splatter) paint the entire table.  whoops.  sorry dad.  

My dad has had a LOT to deal with when it came to raising me.  I was the oldest.  And although I never intentionally taught my younger siblings bad things, I did supply them with crayons to teach them how to draw (on walls).  I may have passed along my obsession with shoes to them.  And I may have been crucial in adopting a puppy against dad's wishes.  its ok though because he loves our puppy the most now.  you're welcome dad :)

So to honor how special and important they are I rounded up some great DIYs that are personal and fun.  But just in case you can't find anything you want to make here, check out this list of ideas for other father's day gifts here.

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